16 juillet 2004

From: chris lloyd
Date: Fri Jul 16, 2004 1:57:09 AM America/Montreal
To: paul martin
Cc: chrislloyd@videotron.ca
Subject: Peterborough, Ont. residents swim in streets in latest severe flooding

Dear Paul,

Well, I've finally learned that trying to hang off the
backs of trucks while riding a bicycle is not a good
idea. The extra burst of speed that might get you to
your destination a few minutes earlier can also
unbalance you, sending you to the pavement. The bike
is OK, I'm OK, and I learned my lesson. This happened
after spending some time at Karen's house yesterday,
inspecting the cement wall. Her dad loaded up the
extra couch they had planned to give me on top of his
car and drove it over to my apartment. It's much more
comfortable and nicer to look at than the other couch.
I rented and watched Turbulence de la fluides last
night, and the couch was so comfortable I almost fell

Still no adaptor, but I took my computer with me to
Karen's house after class, and charged it up while I
repaired and plastered the ceiling in the bathroom and
kitchen. Her parents fed me again.

I just came in from visiting my neighbours downstairs.
Val is a painter and she and Rob were celebrating the
fact that she had finished a bunch of paintings and
had some framed for a gallery in Toronto. Had an
interesting discussion about art and real estate, and
bathroom caulking and acrylic paint, and cats,
veterinarians and cat insurance, and basement
foundations and upper floor balconies.

Anyway, I really must go to sleep now. I have my last
class in the morning, complete with tests and
homework, and then in the afternoon I am taking the
bus to Quebec City to meet Claudine. We are going to
go see Camping Sauvage, a and we're staying the night
with Marjorie and her boyfriend. We'll spend the rest
of the weekend in Baie-St-Paul.


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1 commentaire:

Dear PM a dit...

So Camping Sauvage was really fun. I missed a lot of the jokes, but it was still highly entertaining. The soundtrack is really fun too. I had been listening to Ramasutra since last summer—just a month or so after shooting had begun on Camping Sauvage. "The eye" is a hilarious song that always makes me think of Edgar Allen Poe, for some strange reason.