27 juin 2005

Same-sex marriage bill on its way to adoption, despite Tory rear-guard action, Le projet de loi sur le mariage gai semble en bonne voie d'être adopté

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Dear Paul,

I'm in Halifax. The flight was delayed an hour due to some sort of incompetency in the baggage loading department. The pilot apologized over and over again. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is part of an Air Canada strategy for when things go wrong; apologize, over and over again, in that way that renders you completely unable to muster any sort of anger, the sort of way a child or weaker friend of relative might apologize to you, in a way that feels unnecessary. So we all sat there on the plane, sweating buckets, because of course the slow loading of baggage also had something to do with cooling units and engines not starting, and then, when they did start only one of them was starting, and the lights were flickering in a very disconcerting way, in a way that almost looked like they could have been trying out a part in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (sans musique).

So. The flight went well, once airborne. Trevor looks good, has his head perpetually shaved. He had some good stories of family squabbles down at the Old Cabin. Hearing about Uncle Danny and my Dad arguing, my dad annoyed at Danny's rambling dissertations on the "criminal" construction industry and rich doctors and Cuba (he's never been to Cuba, no one in my family has been, I don't believe; though my parents have been to Florida a few times, which is close but definitely no cigar), and then Danny is kicking over lawn furniture and wine glasses and Trevor is brandishing a poker and threatening to crown his uncle; wow, I had forgotten how exciting this side of the family could be. (...) Maybe I exagerate, (...) Unless we want that sort of entertainment, of course. We could book them as some sort of comedic act. (...)

So this morning Trevor rode me downtown on his motorcycle. It had been a long time since I had been on one. He has a Katana 750. I'm all suited up now, as my 3/4 pants and flip flops and T-shirt just weren't going to cut it. Nope, I needed boots, socks, jeans and a leather jacket, all borrowed from Trev and all still on my person, the helmet beside me. It is impossible not too feel So Fucking Cool walking around town on a sunny day in a Black Leather Jacket carrying a Motorcycle Helmet. I just want to stand on streetcorners and smoke and drink it up, except that would seem utterly odd and ridiculous, as it appears the Smoking Bans have been uber effective and I have yet to see someone smoking, even outside, where it is the only place allowed, outside of personal dwellings. But I digress. Now I want one. A bike. Maybe Eric's ideas from a few months ago weren't so far off the mark. I could save some cash, buy a great touring bike, get my licence, then Claudine and I could do a crazy criss-cross the USA and winter in Mexico. (...) Maybe it would be easier to winter in India.

I'm meeting up with Courtney shortly and we'll get the moving truck.

Hey, did I not tell you that I had Kuan shaved yesterday? She looks absolutely ridiculous, though I'm sure she feels much cooler. She looks like a cross between a lion and one of the dancers from the movie Flashdance. It looks like she is wearing four pairs of legwarmers. I'll post photos on the blog once my computer is fixed and I can format all my photos.


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CDC a dit...

It can feel pretty exhilirating and cool to be on a bike. I went for a ride on the ol' BMW last week, which was great.

But just FYI, I'm currently undertaking steps to get a motorcycle license for the province of Quebec, so I thought I'd tell you that it takes a minimum of 8 months to get your full license if you want to drive something bigger than a 50cc (which I'm assuming that's what you want, seeing as 50cc is what you'll find on a dinky little scooter).

Just thought I'd let you know... But it sure can be worth it!