17 juin 2006

From: chris lloyd Mailed-By: gmail.com
To: pm@pm.gc.ca
Date: Jun 17, 2006 6:49 PM
Subject: Avian flu detected on P.E.I.; Les 11 candidats au leadership libéral s'affrontent en débat à Moncton

Dear Stephen,

Sorry I didn't write last night. It was a late one.

First of all, the sun came out, finally, so we borrowed my Dad's car
and drove to the nursery and bought seeds and sheep manure and soil
and peat moss. We have taken a plot at the SJ Community Garden, even
though we also want to use out backyard for planting and barbecuing
this summer.

The bar was real quiet for the first few hours and when Jess arrived I
met up with the gang at Asian Palace as Em, their new chef, was
offering a special sushi menu. They had him set up at the bar5,
rolling and slicing up a storm. Tasty.

Afterwards we went up, up, up to Jay's studio and then went up some
more; up a ladder through the attic to the roof, and hung out there
for a bit. Went back to work and it finally picked up and we had a
good 2-hour rush. Had some late tables but I still finished in time to
catch a few songs from Mr. Something-something, at Elwood's. They had
the whole place dancing and grooving tho their rhythmic sounds.

We debated going to an after party but it was already quite late so we
decided against it. Still past 3 AM before getting to bed.

Today we grabbed a quick breakfast at Reggie's and then cycled to
Frenchy's to find outfits for tonight's Horsefield St. Annual
Summertime Courtyard Party. It's a '70s them tonight, so appropriate
outfits are a must. Claudine's currently adding bell bottoms to a pair
of tight-fitting Lee-brand jeans, that combined with a tiny zipper-up
top gives her a bit of a Daisy Duke look. I found yellow pants with an
elastic and a bizarre top, as well as terrible shoes. I've shaved,
leaving a small baby mustache. I've parted my hair. It all looks

After Frenchy's we tackled our dirty plot at the community garden. We
picked the most ghetto spot, but only because it was right beside Dave
and Erin. Our site was partially covered with an orange tarp and weeds
and strange grasses grew everywhere. We weeded and tilled and added
the good stuff. Did it all by hand because we couldn't get the
roto-tiller going. Water in the gastank, perhaps. We worked away,
quiote content to be outdoors in the sun, until I was quite late for
work. We had completely lost track of time.

Managed to bike home, have a shower and change before heading the bar,
opening just on time.

Now it's just a countdown until Jess arrived and I'm off to the
Courtyard party. About two more hours.

Been to any themed parties lately? Been to any parties lately? Do you
barbecue at Sussex Drive? We found a big round charcoal-fired barbecue
yesterday at a secondhand shop. Twenty bucks. Practically a steal.


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Bomber a dit...

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