8 avril 2005

From: chris lloyd
Date: Fri Apr 8, 2005 6:40:07 AM America/Montreal
To: pm@pm.gc.ca, martin.P@parl.gc.ca
Cc: shepburn@artgallerycalgary.org
Subject: Phantom jobs and cash in envelopes described at sponsorship inquiry, Le commissaire Gomery lève partiellement l'interdit de publication

Cher Paul,

Je n'ai pas le heure a t'ecrit, je m'excuse. Mais, un chose: J'ai nettoyé mon appartement, demain soir, finalment! Et Puis, Claudine est arrivé chez moi hier soir, un peu tard, et nous avons fait l'amour. C'etait vraiment belle; nous avons bonne chances ensemble, tout les temps.

Aujourd 'hui c'est le dernier jour pour le projet a travail. Puis, c'est le vernissage de mon exposition ce soir chez Art Gallery of Calgary; peut-tu revenir? Je pense que tu sera probablement visiter la pape au lieu de ça. C'est correct.


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Anonyme a dit...

Dear Chris,

Hope all is well with you since your visit to Calgary. I tuned in to your post (a good opportunity to practice my French!) today as I was reminded of your show by the article in our weekly rag. While my colleagues and friends have become quite tired of my weekly tirades against FFWDs regular art writer, I have never gone on public record to say that I am certain that he is the most lacklustre art writer I have ever read.
Anyways, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I will be in Montreal next month and it would be great to guzzle some beer at one of your city's fine bars together.
Talk to you soon,
ps. He missed the mark entirely on your work - his most poorly considered review to date!!!

Dear PM a dit...

Hi Anthea,

I tried looking online but couldn't find the current edition (file not found, etc.). I sometimes find it fun to read reviews that completely miss the mark, so I'll keep checking into the FFWD website.

Of course we'll have beers in Montréal, there are tons to choose from. See you soon,