11 juillet 2005

Canadians not psychologically braced for threat of terror, McLellan says, Legendre devient le premier candidat officiel à la direction du PQ  

chris lloyd
Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 9:51 PM

To: pm@pm.gc.ca

Dear Paul,

It is too hot to do much of anything today. Hot, hot, hot. A local radio station reported 100 degrees this afternoon. Most of the day I was at work in a (luckily!) air conditioned basement. It is my last day at that job; I got a call from Kate today and she wants me to help her with the plastering in her new studio. I'd prefer to work there, just before the Chicago trip. Fo that we leave Wednesday night. After work today I took the subway and tramcar home, only to realize I had no key, no wallet, no money and no phone to call anyone. I napped briefly on the sofa on the deck before mohand came home and we went to the park to play more Frisbee. Made supper and walked down the street for ice cream with Klo. Worked on my computer a bit tonight. Did I tell you it is back, like Lazarus, from the dead? I picked it up on Saturday. Everything works and all my files and programs are still intact. Did I tell you about the trip to the beach on Sunday? I guess not. Well, it was fun, but I'll not go into details at the moment, as I'm dripping with sweat, and the best solution to remedy that is to turn off all electrical devices (except the fan), and lie very, very still. (...)


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Anonyme a dit...

Hi Chris,

You've moved and your videotron address has failed...can you send us your postal address?