22 septembre 2005

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Dear Paul,

Finished sanding the floors in the main gallery today. Tomorrow I'll finish them, after putting in the baseboards. Peter bought a new table saw so we can finish the edges of the pine. It's all coming together.

Had lunch with Judy and Suzanne and ended up agreeing to moderate a panel on Creative Places at the conference. It hasn't met with final approval yet but I can't see a problem. Should be fun.

Want to know just how small this town is? I set up a few appointments to look at apartments today. The first was in the building my old friend Peter Doyle lived in, on Germain Street. Very close to work and not a bad apartment. It is owned by the couple who recently opened the restaurant, Sebastian, which is across the street from us on Princess. Then, while talking to a building owner about his place on Carmarthen, he mentions to me that he is also buying a place on King Street East, and names the address. Oddly enough, I was just on my way to an appointment there (it was too small). It's like the global 6 degrees of separation rule drops to 3 degrees in Saint John.

Anyway, it almost seems to be slightly too early to be looking, since ideally I'd like to find a place for end of October-early November.

I watched three hours of CSI tonight and my brain feels like mush.


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CDC a dit...

bonjour chris!

i've been away from ottawa in the past month (Alberta, BC, Montreal and Toronto) so i hadn't been checking your blog for a while...

just wanted to say that i think what you're doing out in Saint John is wonderful, and i really wish you the best of luck with the gallery stuff. i know it must be very difficult to be away from Claudine - I'm the queen of long distance relationships, I was in one for way too long - but try to remember that it's temporary and that it will come together in due time. Wow, I know that just sounded like the worst platitude on earth, but it's sincere...

I may be in Saint John sometime over the fall (probably November) for work-related reasons, so if I go I'll drop you a line. If you have some free time we could go for coffee or a drink?

Hey, do you have photos of your artwork on a web site somewhere? You know me, always looking for art (and looking to drain every cent I have in it!)...

Prends soin,