5 octobre 2005

Government says it's offering Dingwall severance over fears of lawsuit, Au Parti québécois, Paquette et Ouimet veulent parler de contenu  

chris lloyd
Tue, Oct 4, 2005 at 3:56 PM
To: pm@pm.gc.ca
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Dear Paul,

I've had a not-terribly-productive day, and I'm already feeling
exhausted. It might have something to do with watching three hours of
common council proceedings on TV last night. It was so monotonous I
was completely enthralled, especially with the fixed camera angles.

Had fun yesterday at the hospital, cracking many jokes with Mary, even
Burt was in good spirits. We had some wine in the bar while
brainstorming some product launch ideas with Christian and Adrian from
Evolving Solutions. Today Peter, Judy and I debated where to put coat
racks. My mom and her friend Diane came by to say hello and see the
progress in the gallery. If the weather is nice I'll go cycling with
them tomorrow.

Continued installing the Post-it(r) notes today. THAT's what is wearing
me out. It seems to take forever and keeping everything level and
lined up is rather tricky.

We're leaving the office soon to have a beer at the Aquarius for a
change of pace.


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