18 février 2006

more phone giant fun!

Dear Stephen,

So I finally got the Telus phone image working: voila, one of my TH
cup documentary photos. Expect more. Many, many more.

So I lost it completely with Rogers; they called again yesterday, can
you believe it? So I called back, and after suffering through yet
another infinitely long menu:

"to maintain excellence in customer service this call may be monitored"

ha-ha! I've discovered the key! just start swearing! they cancel the
call right away and hang up! It gets marked in your account and then
when you call back you can speak with a very apologetic manager.

I've decided instead of cancelling outright my plan I will use it to
full artistic advantage.


Why, by conducting my very own cross-Canada Stephen Harper poll, of
course. I'm going to make so many long-distance calls Rogers will wish
they never bought Sprint in the first place. I am so going to get my
$32.50/months worth.

Nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


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