3 mars 2012

date: Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 7:47 PM
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The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister
Government of Canada

Dear Prime Minister Harper, Mr Corbett, Mr Paulson, Ms Turmel, Mr Rae, Ms. May and Mr. Plamondon,

I am gravely concerned by the Elections Canada report that has just traced illegal phone calls made during the 2011 federal election to a company that worked for the Conservative Party across the country.

The "robocalls" were apparently designed to stop non-Conservative voters from casting ballots in key ridings by falsely telling voters that the location of their polling stations had changed, causing them to go to the wrong location on election day.

This news casts doubt on the legitimacy of our Government. We need answers now, and real consequences for illegal behaviour that may have determined the outcome of our election.

I demand a full and independent public inquiry, backed by Elections Canada and the RCMP, to expose the facts about the robocall scandal and ensure that the penalty for this election fraud matches the consequences of the crime - including possible by-elections in the affected ridings.

We cannot allow individuals to be scapegoated for actions that benefit institutions. We need to lay the foundation for new laws to restore the integrity of Canadian elections.

chris lloyd
dearpm (at) gmail.com

William H. Corbett
Commissioner of Canada Elections
Elections Canada
257 Slater St.
Ottawa Ontario
K1A 0M6

Elizabeth May
Leader of the Green Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada

Nycole Turmel
Leader of the Official Opposition
New Democratic Party

Bob Rae
Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada

Louis Plamondon
Parliamentary Leader
Bloc Québécois

Mr. Justin Trudeau
Papineau, Quebec
House of Commons
Ottawa Ontario

Bob Paulson
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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