3 août 2015


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to Conservative
Hi Cory,
Thanks for your email. It's great to be well-informed on the issues. If i can be of any help during 

the election campaign please let me know.

On Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 10:05 PM, Cory Hann, Conservative Party of Canada info@conservative.ca wrote:

Conservative Party of Canada
My name is Cory Hann, and I'm the Director of Communications for the Conservative Party of Canada.
With Stephen Harper’s leadership, Canada's Conservatives have accomplished so much for our country.
Since you’re new to our e-mail list, I wanted to share a little bit more information about some of our 
major accomplishments so far:

We’ve been helping build a stronger Canadian economy:

  • Canada has added more than 1.1 million net new jobs since the depths of the global recession;
  • We now enjoy the strongest economy in the G7 and the richest middle class in the world; and
  • We're well on track to balancing the budget next year.
We’re also helping Canadian families and protecting our communities:
  • By lowering taxes over 160 times, we save over $3,400 per year for the average family;
  • We've cut the GST from 7% to 6% to to 5%;
  • We've gotten tough on crime with tougher penalties for violent criminals, and introduced a 
  • Victims Bill of Rights to recognize the victims of crime; and
  • We’ve put consumers first by fighting for more choice and lower prices on cell phone bills.
And we’re putting Canada first:
  • We're standing up for Canada's oil sands industry and for the tens of thousands of new jobs 
  • possible from Keystone XL;
  • We’re pursuing the most ambitious free trade agenda in Canada's history, including historic deals 
  • with the European Union and South Korea; and
  • We're protecting Canadians’ way of life, including scrapping the long-gun registry and defending 
  • Canada's humane and sustainable seal hunt.
That's a strong record of leadership — one we're very proud of here at the Conservative Party of Canada — 
but we know there's more work to be done.

I hope Prime Minister Harper and our Party can count on your continued support.

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Cory Hann
Director, Communications
Conservative Party of Canada
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