29 avril 2016

from:DEAR PM dearpm@gmail.com
to:Conservative Party of Canada
date:Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 3:14 PM
subject:Re: Canadian jobs

Hi Candice,

Thanks for your email. I am currently unemployed but I'm not sure if it is Justin's fault, as my position at a gallery was terminated during the Conservative rule and seemed to have more to do with a neo-liberal agenda of austerity and cutbacks than the price of oil. 

Speaking of oil, it appears that Mr. Trudeau in fact shares your party's view that "getting a pipeline to new markets is in the best interest of all Canadians." I'm not sure which "anti-oil billionaires" Justin is having lunch with but I imagine he has lunch with lots of pro-oil billionaires as well. 

I'd like to have a little more information about how giving your party $35 will somehow increase jobs, seeing as both your party and Mr. Trudeau are essentially on the same page regarding pipelines. And I believe you mean to say that you want to build pipelines to bring Bitumen to new markets, or am I missing something? Is there a plan afoot to export pipelines themselves to new markets? 

Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me. I remain,


On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 1:15 PM, Candice Bergen <info@conservative.ca> wrote:
> Dear Chris,
> Many Canadians are facing serious challenges right now.
> In February, Canada’s unemployment rate hit a three-year high. Now, economists and business leaders are saying that Alberta’s oil industry has passed the recession stage and is now in a depression.
> And they anticipate billions in spending cuts and thousands of more job losses.
> Chris, help us fight for Canadian jobs! Donate $35 today!
> To make things worse: nowhere in the Liberal budget is there a concrete plan to create jobs.
> In fact, Just Trudeau seems to be fighting against Canadian jobs. The Liberals actually voted against the Energy East pipeline, and recently Trudeau has been wining and dining with American anti-oil billionaires!
> We in the Conservative Party have always recognized that getting a pipeline to new markets is in the best interest of all Canadians.
> We will proudly continue to pressure Mr. Trudeau to join the Conservative Party in unapologetically advocating for the construction of pipelines and standing up for Canadian oil.
> Help us fight for Canadian jobs – donate $35 now!
> Sincerely,
> Candice Bergen
> MP, Portage-Lisgar
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