23 juillet 2004

From: chris lloyd
Date: Fri Jul 23, 2004 12:24:40 AM America/Montreal
To: pm@pm.gc.ca
Subject: Police charge acquaintance in death of Cecilia Zhang; parents 'crushed'

Dear Paul,

Hot! Hot! Hot! That was the weather in Montréal today. Those with heart or respiratory difficulties were advised to stay indoors. My apartment holds heat like an oven; indoors without AC on a day like today could cook a healthy person.

Fixed my bike up this morning, then wandered around with Ed, but became frustrated with the pace of shopping. We had a quick lunch at le Roi de Smoked Meat, then I cycled to Karen's house and continued the plastering on the ceilings in the living room and bathroom. Her dad had done all the prep and had plastic over everything. I'm going to pick some colours out for them, and paint next week.

Made lettuce soup (from a recipe, big surprise for me there! And I hardly deviated), which is actually much tastier than it sounds. Karen's grandmother had grown the lettuce in her community garden. I also cooked some fish on the barbeque.

Ed managed to spill a glass of water on my computer this afternoon, but it seems OK. Are my houseguests accident-prone when it comes to computers? Maybe it is the emotions; he is still quite upset about his Ex in NYC. All the relationship talk is making my head hurt, in part because it is making me think too hard and long about my own relationships. That often makes things seem more complicated than necessary. Interestingly enough, all the male houseguests that I have been having over lately (notably Courtney and now Ed) have had an interesting effect on the neighbours: they think I am gay!

I forgot to tell you about an interesting dream I had last week. I was climbing the stairs to a huge office building, and found a door that led outside. I had a wonderful view of a grand metropolis, sort of like the view you have from Montmartre overlooking Paris. Just outside the door was a huge ferris wheel, but when I looked down I realized that I was standing on a narrow plank leading away from the building to the center of the wheel. there were no handrails. I walked back to the building very, very carefully.

I called and booked a pickup from FedEx today, but they never showed. I was technically supposed to wait for them, to sign the packing slip, but I left all the required info on the package on the front step. I couldn't hang about the house for eight hours waiting for them. I'll get it done tomorrow, as I am planning on staying in the neighbourhood most of the day. Except to hunt for casting resin and some paint. And except to meet Ed's friend Jess at Berri-UQAM, as she is driving in from Peterborough. She told me on the phone that the recent flood wreaked havoc with the arts community, as many studios, galleries and production facilities were located in ground floor or basement spaces. She and Ed are going camping for the weekend. I think I need some time alone to sort things out, workwise, artwise and lifewise.


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Anonyme a dit...

The odd and sometimes interesting thing about publishing such personal details about one's life on the internet, where anyone can see it, is that certain decisions and directions in life can be made without really having to make them. Someone reads the blog, can make a decision about the person they are reading about, and that's it; a decision is made, and a course is charted.

Dear PM a dit...

wow, how is it that I never read this comment until now? I wonder what the course was....