25 juillet 2004

From: chris lloyd
Date: Sun Jul 25, 2004 1:52:45 PM America/Montreal
To: pm@pm.gc.ca
Subject: Experts say Inuit lawsuit could cost Ottawa, revolutionize aboriginal law

Dear Paul,

Sorry I didn't write the other day. Things started piling up and I couldn't work it in. Spent most of Friday afternoon with Ed, waiting for Jess to arrive from Peterborough. We met her at the bus station and then she and Ed took off camping. Mohanad came over on Friday night and we had a great time, inventing "Top Ten" lists for the do's and don't's of dating. Went hunting for a special plate up and down the middle of Beaubien but couldn't find it; I think it is on ST. Zotique, and my memory is playing tricks on me. We stopped at Skyy for a beer. I don't think I will become a regular. Came home and watched Bad Santa.

Saturday I went cycling with Sarah R. and Jen, down to Parc Jean-Drapeau sur l'Île Notre-Dame (124,7226 hectare(s)). Stopped to admire The Habitat and took some photos. We also stopped at a yard sale and bought old-fashioned bathing caps (2 yellow and one pink, for $1.50, including a polaroid of us wearing them). It was nice to cycle rather aimlessly around in the sun. I found and stopped at Plasto on l'esperance but they were closed. The casting resin at Omar de Serres is a bit pricey for the amount; I'm sure I can get better selection and prices from an industrial source.

Last night I went to a party with Sarah R. that her new friend Marc (pronounced "Mars", so as not to confuse him with her previous boyfriend Mark) was throwing. It was in Westmount and he had to close off access to his backyard at midnight due to noise complaints. I think the police actually came by twice, but it wasn't a very loud party at all. There were never enough people to even fill up the apartment (which was huge and gorgeous, as were most of the people there—big jocks and tall super-modelish people. A bit of a freaky environment, actually. Some as dumb as posts, but others not so much. It was funny when one of the few petite femmes acted as bouncer and managed to calmly eject a half-dozen teenagers who had crashed the party). I had a fun time, and talked with lots of people, even with the only two french girls in the whole anglo-party. It was my turn to take care of Sarah R. (returning her favour of rescuing me from the Vatican a few months ago), and so at about 3:30 I piled her into a cab, and along the way we dropped off another girl (who claimed to have just had surgery to remove a lump in her breast the day before—can you attend a party and drink and smoke and dance until late the day after that sort of surgery??).

Today I'm feeling a little tender behind the eyes (which I attribute to all those vodka Kool-Aid®™ shooters Marc's roommate was perpetually serving up). But today is a major painting day, and I had best get cracking—the day is already half gone.

Oh, and Ed is back. The camping didn't work out; Jess is on her way back to Peterborough. The two pees in the pod didn't quite get along. He's off right now to retrieve my bike, which I left at Vendome Metro.


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Dear PM a dit...

So I forgot to mention that Fedex finally took the paintings on Friday, and then I called Ray at the gallery and left a message (where I basically said I'd do anything to get the monty soon, even write the damn CC letter myself). And today I checked my bank account and lo and behold! the money is there. So now I can pay off all my most pressing debts. Yay!