27 août 2004

From: chris lloyd
Date: Fri Aug 27, 2004 11:53:35 PM America/Montreal
To: pm@pm.gc.ca
Subject: Ottawa has money for national drug program, provincial finance ministers say, Bernard Landry confirme qu'il reste à la tête du Parti québécois

Dear Paul,

Sorry i didn't write last night. I was tired. But now the "work week" is finished and with it, the tiredness. I'm quite excited about the NYC trip. There seem to be lots of convention-related activities going on throughout the city. And Saturday night is the final supper with the artists in B-S-P, which should be fun.

Today I suffered through a series of minor mishaps while installing drywall (maybe i have a latent case of dyslexia? I kept making cuts on the wrong side of the sheets), but eventually everything worked out and Mike and I were quite productive. I haven't really been learning much french from him; the odd word or two, but his tenses seem as bad as mine.

After work Mohanad, Tom and Allen went out for some beer, and we ended up drinking for five hours straight. Not a good scene, but pas mal. It is interesting, to say the least, to become fully absorbed in the worker lifestyle. But I long for more, and then wonder if that is selfish. Is a BFA really a Bachelor of Fuck-All? I seem to be in a rut, and can't make decisions on my next phase of artwork. Maybe you could hire me as an artist-in-residence? Parliament Hill could probably use one. I'd hang out in the visitor's gallery, making notes for artworks of some sort. Bizarre installations involving Kraft Dinner, whipped cream and gravy, mixed with drywall plaster and insulation. Could be interesting. How about official portraiture? I could use the practice, it is always better to draw and paint from real life. Surely you could schedule in some sittings? Do you want to see some slides?

The weather has been odd, it rained hard early this morning but was sunny in the afternoon, later it became cloudy and really, really humid. I'd going to have a shower. Tomorrow I have packing to do, and apartment cleaning, then driving the big truck to B-S-P.


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Anonyme a dit...

Are strip clubs really so bad? The whole system is so theatrical. Everyone involved plays a role and is hyper aware of it. From the customers to the bouncers, the waitresses and the dancers, the bikers who probably own half the joint to the geeky sons who are hoping to inherit, they are all playing a role, dabbling with fantasy. Maybe that's why the lights are kept so low, the environment is designed to facilitate the fantasy world. It's no wonder that drunken male patrons who deside to get up on stage and dance for themselves are hurled out so quickly: don't mess with the fantasy, buddy!

Dear PM a dit...

weird, I totally missed this comment. I now wonder how anonymous knew we were at a strip club that night?