28 août 2004


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Dear PM a dit...

What is with my current obsession with GWB? Is it because for the past four years he has made so obvious and apparent how flawed, ignoranrt, devious, heavy-handed, brutal and just plain bad the US foreign policy is? (remember: Ya-hoo is NOT a foreign policy!) You would think that with my ongoing obsession with the PM of Canada I could focus a little more on what PM and the PMO are up to, but somehow it just doesn't seem to have the same pizzaz. Maybe it would be more interesting if PM stood up a bit more to the US, or developed some sort of backbone, caused some conflict, said "NO!" to the missile defence plan (in no uncertain terms). You'd think he'd be an easy target, what with the whole Canada Steamship lines and his pathetic "hospitial waiting lines" election promises. I mean, is that vision? Almost forty years ago Montreal staged one of the most successful Expos ever, and it took vision and drive and commitment and risk. What is this government pledging? Shorter hospital waiting lines? Geez, how can we top that? For crying out loud, when I go to the hospital I expect to wait! In some countries there are no hospitals! I've got a solution: just stock the waiting rooms with better magazines! But no, GWB is just too rich and creamy a target, so for now PM is off the hook.