7 décembre 2004

last supper, paul?

last supper, paul?
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Changes are afoot here at Dear PM.... I've decided to take a hiatus from "blogging" each and every letter to the PM. I plan to keep writing daily to the PM, have no fear! In fact, I've decided to write a little more forcefully, "straight from the heart", and will perhaps touch on darker or more personal matters than I have in the past. I realize that posting the letters in blog format has nuanced my writing for a potential broader audience. I want to return to the roots of the project, where it was more a perceived or hypothetical one-on-one dialogue with the PM. So for the next while my postings here will be more or less regular blogs, updating key events in the trajectory of the project, with the occassional abridged letter to the PM included.


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Dear PM a dit...

"Staight from the heart" is indeed the title of Jean Chrétien's biography, a copy of which I have on my work table. I've tried reading it but after about halfway through the boredom just hits you like a wall.