3 janvier 2005

From: chris lloyd
Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 11:44:59 PM America/Montreal
To: pm@pm.gc.ca, Martin.P@parl.gc.ca
Subject: Canada to send disaster response team to Sri Lanka for tsunami relief, Le "DART" partira cette semaine pour le Sri Lanka pour aider les rescapés 

Dear Paul,

So guess what happened at work today? No, I wasn't fired, but close: I was demoted! My work thus far has not been up to Vincent's expectations (and my salary). So now another crossroads: Do I stay with Furnibois at a slightly lower salary and learn more about woodworking and possibly use the facilities to my own ends, or do I look for other carpentry/handyman/painter jobs that would pay more? What would you do?

I started a new painting of you today, the one from the Globe last month when you were in Libya. Worked on some of the curio cabinet/Wunderkammer objects as well. Took the metro to Claudine's apartment to finally retrieve my camera. Bought groceries and made supper. The globe I am making for Jo Cook's show has hit some snags; I need to get to a hardware store tomorrow to get a new lamp cable.

Yaga is in the animal hospital in NB. He developed sores on his mouth, tongue and throat and can't eat and is barely drinking. He needs antibiotics. I feel guilty for separating him and Kuan and dumping him at my parent's house, as they are now dealing with this sickness. Maybe he misses his sister? She doesn't seem to miss him; she's been quite pleasant, actually. She won't sit still when I try to brush the knots from her fur, but she does purr more, especially at 6 in the morning when she routinely walks about my head while I'm trying to sleep.


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Zeke's, the Montreal Art Gallery a dit...


If I were PM, I'd suggest that you keep the job, temporarily and at the same time look for "other carpentry/handyman/painter jobs that would pay more." Once you have found one, then you make the decision.

Dear PM a dit...

Hi Chris. Thanks for the advice. I like some aspects of the woodshop, but not enough to keep me there forever. Which is, oddly enough, what I think my boss wants: employees that will stay…forever. We'll see what happens.