26 janvier 2005

From: chris lloyd
Date: Wed Jan 26, 2005 8:06:12 AM America/Montreal
To: pm@pm.gc.ca, martin.P@parl.gc.ca
Subject: Chretien lawyers seek to oust head of federal sponsorship inquiry, Les avocats de Chrétien somment le juge Gomery de se récuser

Cher Paul,

Je pense que le temperature me donne de saignement de nez. J'avais un hier, sur la metro. Un homme gentil me donne un serviette.

J'ai fait des rêves bizarre hier soir. Un vaste centre des magasins sous-terre, massif. Je courais aucun arrêt. Et un chaffeur ivrogne d'autobus, promenadait sur rues rural, zig-zag.

Je vais aller a furnibois.


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CDC a dit...

Man, I don't know how you find the motivation or time to write a letter every single day. I like writing a lot and try to keep it up on a regular basis, but sometimes it's a struggle. This week, for example, my feet are standing right on the edge of a big slump, which has made me silent on my own blog site. I have been wandering through friends' sites and making comments instead.

I once had an awful experience with a boss, too. When I started out she said I was a godsend and made me her new best friend. However, when I couldn't handle the mountain of work dumped on me (stuff that hadn't been done by previous workers over several years), she turned into a nightmare. My trips to the bathroom were timed, she yelled and screamed after me in front of co-workers and clients, she took all the credit for my good work and saddled me with the responsibilities of her own fuck-ups. I vaguely remember being called a neanderthal and also hearing her scream, 'you gonna cry now, you little baby? is little baby Camille going to cry?' So I must say that your entry about work brought back some memories. I wish you all the best in telling your boss to shove it.