31 mars 2005

From: chris lloyd
Time: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 00:15:11 -0500 (EST)
To: art gallery calgary , chrislloyd@videotron.ca, paul martin , paul martin
Subject: Many see federal Liberals as spending bunglers, but good on environment: poll, le dialogue reprend entre les etudiants en greve et le ministre Fournier

Dear Paul,
Not much to say today. Slept in. We didn't go to the punk show last night, we stayed in and drank beer and watched TV. This morning Aaron and I took the bus up to the village to have breakfast at the tennis club restaurant. In keeping with my current fascination of all things conspiratorial, I chose the eggs Rockefellar. They were yummy, and the rye toast was big and chewy, but the potatoes were way too salty. We wandered around afterwards, soaking up the cloudy sights of the mountain village; the tourists, the skiiers, the 'boarders, the workers. Lots of construction going on. In anticipation for the Olympics in 2010? We checked out a few local galleries but there wasn't much of interest going on, some cool native masks but that's about it. Bought a Time magazine with Arcade Fire on the cover. I hope I can get tickets to the as-yet unannounced third show at the Corona Theatre in Place St. Henri in three weeks. Amyway, I made a stir-fry for supper and am drinking more beer, with Aaron's friend Dan and roommate Emily and making postcards and waiting for Aaron to get off work, maybe we'll head to a bar tonight. I changed my flight and fly direct out of Vancouver tomorrow afternoon. Start installing the show at galerie espace on Wednesday. I hope I have enough money to cover everything. If you want, you can lend me some.

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Isabel a dit...

so sorry to say, the 3rd show was announced a while back and sold out in 40 minutes at admission.com (I called).

Dear PM a dit...

Darn it! And with all the exposure they are getting (cover of Time Magazine), it is going to get harder and harder to see them. Oh well, I have my memories of the Funeral launch.