27 août 2005

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Dear Paul,

Spent a nice Saturday out at the Big Box Stores with Judy and her parents and Robyn today. It was an interesting excursion. We were a tad hung over from the going away party held at the house last night for Danika and Luba. There seems to be a never-ending supply of wine and beer left over from the wedding. So this afternoon the Handibus droped Judy's parents off at Swiss Chalet, which is conveniently located in the middle of a park. A parking lot, that is. While in the process of helping to feed her mother she projectile-sneezed a large mouthful of apple pie and ice cream all over my head. It was all quite amusing. She even managed to hit Robyn at the other end of the table. We toured the wheelchairs around the parking lot to do a little shopping but Bert finally lost his patience and had a bit of a tantrum when we went into Kent's to grab some coffee from Tim Horton's. I don't blame him, I also tend to fly into fits of rage when entering those larger-than-life box stores. Something to do with the lighting and just the sheer amount of stuff. So after about four hours of visiting Judy and I came back to the deck and drank many beer in the sunlight. Peter came home from an afternoon of auctioning and made supper while the rest of us napped. Have I told you before what a chef he is? He made pork loins and vegetables and potatoes and everything was presented as if in a restaurant. Danika was home packing; tomorrow she moves to Halifax to continue her studies at Kings. Tonight we finally watched Finding Neverland, the movie we had rented last week but was misplaced with The Hours. It was fun, fanciful fare, very imaginative and uplifting. All the while I'm going a bit crazy, waiting down the hours, the time, the clock until tomorrow afternoon when I can drive to Moncton and pick up my sweetheart from the airport. I miss her like you would never believe.


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Anonyme a dit...

Hi Lloydly.
I'm glad to have made it into your blog! I saw that no one really posted any comments for you, so I figured that I would do it. I miss dad's cooking already...pork loins, paella, tapas and greek salads indeed. So far, my food intake for the day has consisted of a granola bar, grapefruit, water and soon a bowl of soup. I intend to buy groceries today, see. Anyway, you're probably away with your sweetheart! Please tell her I said hello and I wish I could have met her. I'll continue to read your blog for the updated SJ scene.