6 septembre 2005

Most young students back in smaller classes than two years ago, McGuinty says, Katrina: les Etats-Unis se disent réconfortés par l'aide du Canada   

chris lloyd

Tue, Sep 6, 2005 at 12:49 PM

To: pm@pm.gc.ca

Dear Paul,

Sorry about the delay. It was harder to get to a computer than I
thought it would be. We were a little strapped for time as well. When
did I last write you? Antigonish? After that we made it as far as
Ingonish Beach, where we camped for the night. In the morning we took
a hike up Mount Franny and took a quick dip in a secluded lake halfway
down. Then we were off to Dingwall to check in to the Inlet, iron our
wedding clothes, and have showers. Then the wedding, outdoors on the
lawns of the Markland, the ocean in the background, a kooky old
minister, very quaint. Andrea and Stéphane were beaming and beautiful,
I saw old friends Christine and Trevor and Bethany and Roger. We had a
fun supper inside then more drinks afterwards in a cottage and then
the dance in the nearby Octagon Arts Centre with live music then a DJ
and lots of dancing. Then a whole bunch of us piled down to the beach
in pitch darkness and stars and waves and swam in the surf teaming
with millions of tiny glow in the dark bacteria. Ben shot off
fireworks and we sat by the bonfire and then drove back to the Inn at
3:30AM, exhausted, full of sand and salt water.

Sunday Anne made us a great breakfast, then we were off to Meat Cove,
then stopping at the Skyline to hike some more, along the highlands,
to a cliff jutting out on the west side of the Cabot Trail. Then to
Cheticamp, to catch the last half hour of the Acadian museum dedicated
to early farm life and rug hooking, in particular to see the rugs of
Elizabeth LeFort, who made intense portraits of presidents, prime
ministers and astronauts. We stopped in a parking lot to cook KD and
then continued driving to Pictou, where we had to camp for the night.
We slipped into the campground just before closing time, the attendant
missing, set up camp, slept, awoke early, slipped out by fraudulently
putting a piece of paper in the permit slot, the gates opened, we were
off. Stopped at Mel's' Tea Room in Sackville for breakfast and took
the scenic route through the Kingston Peninsula before arriving back
at Judy's. Cleaned and aired out the car, washed some laundry, then
headed to my folks for supper and a little campfire in the backyard, a
glass of sambuca, then exhaustion. We were asleep by 10.

This morning it was gallery and email and meeting preparation,
discussing new changes to the bar with Peter, more plaster. Had lunch
with Claudine at Taco Pica and now have an afternoon to prepare for
the brainstorming / programming meeting tonight.

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