22 janvier 2006

140 soldiers leave for Afghanistan, Paul Martin lance un ultime cri du coeur aux électeurs indécis
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Dear Paul,

Wow, I had no idea it was still so early. I'm exhausted and ready for
bed and it's not even ten o'clock. I guess that's what happens if one
drinks beer and wine in the afternoon.

How did this all happen?

First off, I slept in, waking up before noon, then meeting Peter at
the bar to go over a bunch of details to prepare for their trip away,
then meeting Claudine, collecting Katie and then Jessie and Jonas and
Jonas driving us out to Rothesay. Whatever for, you might ask? Well,
for a much-appreciated mid-afternoon matinee performance by Tyler
Messick, followed by Joel Plaskett. The Friday and Saturday shows sold
out at Sessions Café so they added a third day, which was great for
me. It was a great show, a couple fantastic singer-songwriters, and I
got to catch up a bit on some Halifax news with Joel. Things don't
sound good at the 'ole Khyber, like it has really run its course. Too

The music, however, was amazing.

Then we were back downtown, having supper, burgers, and half-price
wine at D'Amico's, and now I'm just exhausted.

I wanted to send out my own version of a poll, to be completed before
the election, but I'm not sure if that can happen in time. In any
case, here's the poll, for you as well as for whomever might run
across it on election day. Please fill it out and add it to the
comments section. I'll be emailing it out to a bunch of folks, and
will post results on Tuesday.

Chris Lloyd's federal Election 2006 Poll 22 January 2006

1. Did how the media reported on polls influence your voting decision?
2. Do you plan to vote in this election?
3. Are you voting for (a) change or for (b) a party and its specific
platform or (c) your local candidate?
4. Do you find Stephen Harper 'scary'?
5. wine or beer?
6. CSI or Six Feet Under?

OK that's enough for now, Any longer and who would want to spend the
time to fill it out. Polls suck arse.

Good luck tomorrow Paul. Remember that I would have voted Liberal if
you had bothered to send me a 500 word essay on your favourite piece
of art. You still have time, but barely. I'm not holding my breath,
you lazy arse. I'll be watching election results live at the Somerset
Pub after a screening of Wage the Dog. I'll down a beer for you. If
you lose the election when do you stop checking this email address? I
need to know when to start writing to Stephen.

It's just so damn weird.

Especially with the whole Southern Hemisphere veering towards the
Left. What the hell is wrong with us in Canada that we can't elect an
NDP government?


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CDC a dit...

There is nothing so utterly depressing as waking up to the words, "Conservatives Win Canadian Election".

Please extend this thought into your letters' new recipient!