17 janvier 2006

Pelletier files legal motions; Stephen Harper demande aux Québécois de lui donner des ministres
chris lloyd
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Dear Paul,

I just missed Stephen's visit to Saint John yesterday. I didn't know
about it. Do you have any more visits planned before the election?
Apparently Paul Zed and John Wallace are "neck and neck" in "one of
N.B.'s most hotly contested ridings". Maybe you should stop by, give a
fiery speech and hand me my 500-word essay on your favourite piece of
art in person.

So I had neglected to tell you that yesterday we finally set up my
studio in the basement. All that remains to be done is to find a
proper desk or table, install some more lighting and sort through my
boxes of crap and supplies so I can get cracking on some new works.
portraits of you, of course, but also other commissions and of course
the new projects, like the Tim Hortons cups. I think our collection
stands at a few hundred at the moment, despite taking a long break
from collecting over the holidays.

So I'll be interviewed by Carmen Klausen from CBC in Halifax later
today regarding the election. I think they thought of me because some
of my Jean Chrétien paintings in the AGNS collection are on display as
part of the current "Stump Speech" art and politics show. You should
tune in to CBC Halifax if you get a chance; I think it will be
featured in the last part of the afternoon show. It's a good warm up
for the CBC forum "A Matter of Trust" that I'll be participating in
tomorrow in Fredericton.

Also in exhibition-related news: I spoke with Jerome Grand from the
cneai (centre national de l'estampe et de l'art imprimé) today about
an upcoming exhibition there of artists' ephemera in the exhibition
"Transmission," which will take place from March 18th till June 4th
2006 at the Villa Arson in Nice, France. They want my letters; we
discussed binding possibilities and other installation details. Fun
stuff! I feel like a real artist again.


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dan a dit...

I was at the Harper Dog and Pony show here in Saint John. You didn't miss much... he didn't really even announce anything.

Just a lot of hoopla and old ladies and stickers.

Enjoying your blog, been reading for awhile.