28 septembre 2008

Conservative Party of Canada Facebook Comments

A couple weeks ago I joined and have been posting to the Conservative Party of Canada Facebook page. This activity was a response in part to cuts made to various arts program by the governing Conservative Party in the weeks leading up to the election call. This follows a pattern of various other cuts made over the past two and-a-half year Conservative minority government. As the Conservative Party has yet to release an arts and culture policy, nor have they responded to a Canadian Conference of the Arts questionnaire, nor have I received any response from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, I set about trying to find out what Conservatives really think about the arts. Here are some of my favourite statements:

Gustav Nelson (Winnipeg, MB) wrote
at 1:06am
The most prized possession of "Canadian Culture" which is the hockey night in Canada theme song is now in the hands of private enterprise, so please tell me now how government is needed to support the arts...

Gustav Nelson (Winnipeg, MB) wrote
at 12:52am
Well, on a personal level, then yes, food, water, and shelter, but all of those are easily accessible depending on your level of want... However we don't NEED government spending money on the arts...

Gustav Nelson (Winnipeg, MB) wrote
at 12:22am
I would be very content just supporting a military with the taxes i pay. Everything else that's left in between should be supported and choosen by individuals in the private sector.
I very much understand that the arts is all around me, but unless i, or anyone, choose to pay into those services out of our own pockets in terms of trading money for services, then government should not be giving out other people's money to support what those artists can't do for themselves... I can take care of myself and do not expect anything less from anyone else...

John Langridge (Calgary, AB) wrote
at 11:30pm
If the beefsteak dress and the "Voice of Fire" are considered ART,then it's time to make some cuts. Don't you think?

Ryan Steidel (Kazakhstan) wrote
at 8:47pm
liberals are bums lol if u dont like the conservative party leave this group

Courtney Morrison (Vancouver, BC) wrote
at 5:19pm
People who have no children or who can financially support their children on their own should not. Have their taxes go to people who cannot financially support their children

Yvon Sanscartier wrote
at 2:13pm
Hey Peter, if you can't raise your own kids then you don't deserve to have a family.

Blair Skulmoski wrote
at 11:51pm yesterday
The Greener/Liberal/NDP split pretty much assures a Conservative Minority at a min..And, there is no way those monkeys could EVER form a government!

Yes, if you put a 333 Liberals, 333 N.D.P.er's and 333 Green Party members on typewriters they could still not write the greatest novel ever written. Monkeys have been scientifically proven to be more intellgient than Liberals so let's not go insulting monkey's here!

Michael Bennett (Ottawa, ON) wrote
at 9:33pm yesterday
And by the way John Gary Bovay the Oceans are not rising ,and if yousay they are show us the PROOF-Arcemitis theroy has stood the test of time.

Simple science pal -Take 10 ice cubes put them in a tall glass fill the space in the glass with water-let the ice melt as it will-willthe water overflow after all all the ice cubes are melted??? I think not-try it 5 times -10 times that's science buddy- same resuts everytime-

Michael Bennett (Ottawa, ON) wrote
at 9:27pm yesterday
Majority should also mean the end of the CBC sucking on the taxpayers tite-it has been a redundent industry for years now.at one time it did serve a purpose espesialy in rural areas.
But here is no longer a need to be served or us service a partisan industry like this-LET THE MARKET DECIDE

Yvon Sanscartier wrote
at 5:02pm yesterday
I am proud of the way Stephen Harper handled himself during today's press conference. Under no circumstances is he going to pander to the forces of political correctness. He was blunt: Omar Kadr will face the music. And Stephen will not give into media pressure and throw out members of his party for making the odd off the cuff remark. I hope when Stephen gets the majority he seriously looks into our immigration policy. There is nothing more detrimental to the fabric and security of our founding country than our insane open door immigration policy. We are not building a country we are building ghettos.

Andy Logan (Windsor) wrote
at 12:14pm yesterday
How can the Liberal party expect to have their leader become Prime Minister when 70% of Canadians speak English?! Stephane Dion cannot speak English.

Jennifer McPhee (Wilfrid Laurier) wrote
at 12:00am yesterday
honestly i support the decision for the arts funding cuts..its one of the few places it could be done - 45million going to the homeless or fat cats going to some gala which does little to enrich canadian 'culture' - take your pick. our culture is our socialism, the fact that we look out for the little guy, that is what strongly separates us from the states.

Blair Skulmoski wrote
at 9:11pm on September 25th, 2008
Sorry, Chris and Cory I guess it was in bad taste letting everyone on here know that you are flaming homosexuals would guzzle each others jizz

Blair Skulmoski wrote
at 8:34pm on September 25th, 2008
Now the arts funding is going towards making porn

Your gay lover Chris just named a smut film made with tax payers dollars and there are no standards set by the Liberals as to what is pornography and what is not. So, yes the government as it stands will give out grants to fund pornographic movies as long as they have a script!

Gustav Nelson (Winnipeg, MB) wrote
at 7:02pm on September 25th, 2008
I think alot of people here are mistaking that they think Conservatives don't like the arts. That is entirely un-true, although i have to say that there are probably a few Conservatives that don't support the arts, we typically believe that arts should not be funded from government. Arts should be funded by individuals that choose to support the art that they are purchasing, much like how everything else works in the free world. If your art sucks and you can't make it as an artist, then you shouldn't be an artist. No need to leech off everyone else...

Courtney Morrison (Vancouver, BC) wrote
at 4:15pm on September 25th, 2008
Art does not save lives. Art does not promote freedom. Therefore I can see no justifiable reason to support it.

Matt Gers (Edmonton, AB) wrote
at 2:56pm on September 25th, 2008
ugh, this garbage is really starting to irritate me. If any other part except conservatives get in, I'll probably be out of a career. This so that some hippie that stays at home smoking pot and drawing can get paid by the gov't? You kiddin' me?

Blair Skulmoski wrote
at 8:12pm on September 24th, 2008
I can see why Cory would be angry if funding to the arts is cut. He is an artist of sorts and if gay porn is not funded by our government then Cory will be out of work.

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