29 septembre 2008

More Conservative Party Member wisdom

Dear Stephen,

The weekend started on a light note but lately Blair has been back on the Conservative party Facebook page, and he and others have been offering up some political wisdom that I thought I would share with you:

Courtney Morrison (Vancouver, BC) wrote
at 11:59pm
Okay well Desperate Housewives on now...thanks for the lively discussions...:)

Gustav Nelson (Winnipeg, MB) wrote
at 11:49pm
I guess we'll find out how big the arts are of an issue on election day. If the Conservatives don't get a majority Chris, i'll buy you a Coke, or a paintbrush.. your choice!!!

Glynn Plantz (Sudbury, ON) wrote
at 10:26pm
John and Chris, Listening to you talk is like watching a Monkey fuck a football!

Blair Skulmoski wrote
at 10:19pm
Chirs give up no one cares what you have to say about the arts spare us all please.

Chris is just trying to keep people from discussing real political issues on here. His goal is to detract from issues like the economy, military, tax-cuts, etc. Chris is like having blood in your stool. You just try to ignore it and hopefully it will go away on it's own. There's no point answering any of his asinine questions. He is a mental midget politically.

Glynn Plantz (Sudbury, ON) wrote
at 10:13pm
Chirs give up no one cares what you have to say about the arts spare us all please.

Darin Biyak (Edmonton, AB) wrote
at 9:18pm
what is a joke it dion attacking laton about a tax hike on corperations that could see people lose their jobs when he judges the conservative government about kyoto after liberal years of neglect and pushes for action that would see how many canadians lose their jobs

Glynn Plantz (Sudbury, ON) wrote
at 7:03pm
Blair! You finaly made the morons like john and chirs queit. I agree with everything that you said they our not the majority of Canadians just a few ignorant ones. Who only see the world through their misunderstood minds.

Blair Skulmoski wrote
at 6:35pm
Chris' Logic

Popular = Right

In a time economic crisis why wouldn't you cut funding to non-essential programs i.e. The Arts, Sports funding, Spending on, "National Unity", or bloated politicians salaries? With the U.S. headed into an economic recession being spend-thrift is a good thing that benefits all Canadians in the long run. Phony, "Carbon Taxes" and Kyoto Accords will not help Canadians one bit economically. In fact they will hurt the average Canadian at the Grocery Store, Gas Pumps, etc... The environment must take a back burner to securing our economy. What good will fresh air do you if you can't afford to eat or drive to work?

Blair Skulmoski wrote
at 5:39pm
There are 21,000,000 people in Canada who use the Internet on a regular basis. If 100,000 people are against Stephen Harper that means that less than 1% of people are against him. How could less than 1% be a, "Majority of Canadians" Chris?

Yvon Sanscartier wrote
at 3:39pm
Hey Sum Ling look in the mirror. Nobody cares about you or what you think.
Where are all moderators? The special interest groups are taking over this group.

Courtney Morrison (Vancouver, BC) wrote
at 12:56pm
You cannot base s fact off a facebook group Chris, even if you get 100000 people to join that arts group that is not the majority of Canadians.

Well, Stephen, you are probably aware by now what a snowball your arts and ordinary Canadians and galas comments have become. It is an issue that is not going away, and I for one, as a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, hope that you at least come up with an arts policy before the election.


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