31 mars 2005

From: chris lloyd
Date: Thu Mar 31, 2005 1:06:31 AM America/Montreal
To: pm@pm.gc.ca, martin.P@parl.gc.ca
Cc: shepburn@artgallerycalgary.org
Subject: Lawyer takes sponsorship judge to task for bribery and corruption comments, Jean Brault de Groupaction a semblé très à l'aise tout au long de son témoignage 

Dear Paul,

Normally I wouldn't attempt to write to you after smoking pot, but I figure I won't have much time tomorrow to get around to it, at least not until later, so here goes.

Spent almost all day at the Gallery Espace today. …Eric met up with me just after I finished another frottage painting. Corner of Beaubien and Boyer. It is so far my favourite, a stunning 8-foot by 3.5 foot pale beauty, the black paint mixed with the rusty-red in my apartment, I want to call it "Pyramids and Aquaducs", it's hung vertically. The whole show is hung now. Eric helped me pick up wood at Home Depot (trucks do come in handy) and we built slap-happy stretcher bars in no time. Walked about St. Laurent in search of small tools and croissants in the sun and marveled at the turn of weather, the burst of spring, the arrival of skirts and tights and stockings. Found a great little boulangerie that sold us 2 coffees and 2 chocolatines for $4. Amazing.

Melissa and I went to la dieu du ciel after her dance class and the hanging. The show looks sweet. I'll send pictures. We drank beer and discussed relationships. …

…I'm on to the Neo Citran now (the cough I developed from the Vancouver bus ride has steadily deteriorated. Or rather, the cough has improved and my breathing has deteriorated.) Soon will get to sleep. Hopefully.

Do you really believe in God, a divine being who created life in our Universe? Can you balance both aspects of Creationism and Evolution?


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CDC a dit...

Congratulations on your exhibit in Calgary. It looks pretty nifty.

And congrats and good luck with your exhibit, which I believe starts today...

Ahhh, art.