11 août 2005


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Jenn took a photo of my new tattoo when we met up in Montreal last week. Melissa and I complained about the washrooms at Le Pistol all night (poorly designed mirrors, reflective panels everywherre, gaps in stalls, etc.) and swore we were going to call the Mirror rant line but never did.

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CDC a dit...

Wow Chris, what an amazing tattoo -I must say, I think it's one of the most clever and pleasing drawings I have ever seen on someone, and I have seen my share of tattoos (my sister worked in a tattoo shop for many years and has about 9 tattoos, and I have many very-tattooed friends).

It's inspiring and has got me rethinking about getting "just another one" that I've wanted.

Hope all is well. I feel for some strange reason a solidarity regarding your determination to go ahead with this art thing in St. John, despite the many obstacles and lack of cash you've experienced. I applaud you and stand behind you - one day if I can make more than a decent living I will put my money where my mouth is, promise!

Please give my regards to Claudine - I will be in TO several times in September, it would be lovely to meet up with her sometime...