20 août 2005

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Sat, Aug 20, 2005 at 10:37 AM

To: pm@pm.gc.ca

Dear Paul,

Am a tad hung over this morning. And was so yesterday morning as well;
went to a 40th birthday party thrown for Tim Issac's friend at
Lemongrass Thursday night. It was an open bar, my favourite kind,
despite the inherent dangers. (…) Walked home; that took awhile, about an hour or
more. Walked across the train bridge over the Reversing Falls and
dropped random objects off into the churning mass of dark water below.
Collected other random bits of stuff on my journey home: a piece of
rusted metal, some rope, part of a pipe, some numbers.

During the day I removed the extraneous door to the gallery, built a
frame, added drywall. Peter and I had picked up the drywall from
Ritchie's earlier in the morning, after we dropped his car off at the
mechanic. 3 sheets of drywall fit comfortably in Judy's car/truck.
Have now patched both sides quite successfully, just need to sand and
add a skim coat of plaster. Need to paint a wall black for Lisa. She
arrives on Monday.


Last night Dave and Mary Ellen, friends of Peter and Judy, came by for
drinks and tapas. Peter is a genius with food, have I mentioned that
before? We drank lots, beer then wine (I know, I know) first on the
patio, then in the premier kitchen when it was too chilly to be
outside, then finally into the oldschool sitting room, surrounded by
antiques and that slightly musty smell of museums. Once we hit the
sweet wine we were discussing the concept of "hate"; do we really ever
hate anybody? And then of course I started ranting about evil
landlords and certain presidents of a neighbouring superpower.
Thankfully I took a wrong turn while exiting the bathroom, ending up
in yet another spare bedroom, and thought to try out the rope
mattress, passing out immediately and sparing the guests any further
mad ranting.

Today Judy drove me uptown while we giggled hysterically oover
supposed vomit on the rear bumper of a car in front of us that she
almost rear-ended, and we shared pastries in the market before she
left for the hospital and I am back at the gallery, about to play in
plaster. But I have my computer back, and the new wireless card picks
up a strong signal in both Judy's office and the gallery and even in
Lemongrass, though not in the bar.

Yesterday Peter and I went on a mini pub crawl measuring the
neighbouring bars and sampling beers. I can dig this job.


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